Gluten-Free Restaurants in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Gluten-Free French Toast - Gluten-Free Restaurants Guide to Minneapolis and St. Paul

Raise your hand if choosing what or where to eat is a regular struggle with you and your loved ones. Me too. And it’s even worse for Eric and me because not only do we have completely opposite food preferences, but we also have to make sure whatever restaurant we go to can accommodate my dietary restrictions. Finding a restaurant that offers multiple options that are or can be tailored to someone who is gluten-free, meat-free and dairy-free can be exhausting.

But there’s hope! Ever since I went gluten free I’ve wanted to create a better resource for finding gluten-free restaurants in the Twin Cities. There are a few resources out there, but none with the information I want.

What I look for in a gluten-free restaurants guide is a real perspective into the experience of dining at that restaurant. I also want to know all the necessary info like if they offer gluten-free pizza crust and if it’s $8 extra! This guide is my answer to that.

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So You Married A Vegan

You may think I married a vegan. I didn’t. When Stephani and I met, she reluctantly ate meat. She still beheld the power of cheese. And I’m not sure she knew what gluten was yet ( I certainly didn’t). So when I say I married a vegan, I really mean I married a lady who became a vegan.

Stephani Bloomquist and Eric Johnson Wedding

Narrowing down the diet Stephani eats today has been an evolution that has given me a firsthand look at the phases of vegan life.

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The Best Dairy Free Alternatives

The Best Dairy Free Alternatives | Whether you're allergic to dairy or just trying to eat less, I've got lots of tips, favorite brands and plenty of tasty recipes to help make the transition a smooth one. Living dairy free isn't as tough as it may seem!

Have you been tasked with eliminating dairy from your diet because of a recently discovered allergy? Did you try a whole 30 and decide you’re better off with less dairy? Or maybe you’ve decided to take your vegetarian diet to a new level and cut out dairy for ethical reasons. Whatever the reason, I’m happy to be the one to help!

I’ve written this post so many times. Whether it’s for friends of friends, co-workers or relatives who want to try a dairy free lifestyle, I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing down all I know about how to successfully substitute dairy in your diet. Mostly it’s been via email, but now it’s time I made it permanent.

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