Picnic Breakfast at Sunrise

Sunrise Picnic Breakfast at Lake Nokomis

Picnics are my favorite. Sunrises are also at the top of my list of things that are rad. Eric and I try to do a special picnic at least a few times each summer (in fact he proposed to me after one of our picnics!), and we realized that in our nearly 8 years of being together, we had never seen a sunrise together. So we made it a sunrise picnic breakfast!

I’ve watched many a sunrise with my best friend, who happened to live just one neighborhood away from mine while we were growing up. We’d plan to get up early, bring coffee (it was mostly creamer, actually) and spend the first waking hours of the day together watching the sunrise and talking about life. For that reason, sunrises are extra special to me.

A Sunrise at Lake Nokomis in September 2017 for a sunrise picnic breakfast.

Being up before the sun is such a mysterious thing. It’s like the whole world is sleeping and only a few fortunate people are awake to experience the calm and quiet before the day’s activity really begins. It’s magical.

One time, my best friend and I planned to go watch one of the sunrises in June and later we found out it was the longest day of the year … meaning, we got up earlier than we would ever have to any other day! We’ve learned our lesson since then. Eric and I did our sunrise picnic breakfast in early September when the weather was still decent but crisp and we didn’t have to get up too early. Eric, who’s not a morning person, still had plenty of time to get home and go back to bed before starting the rest of the day!

A Sunrise Picnic Breakfast at Lake Nokomis in MInneapolis, Minnesota

A Perfect Picnic Breakfast Menu

So what do you eat on a picnic breakfast? You keep it simple, but also a little special. I packed coconut yogurt with blueberries and granola. The night before I baked some eggs in a casserole dish mixed with scallions, salt and pepper and a little unflavored almond milk, then cut those into squares in the morning and microwaved them before putting them on English muffins with a little spicy mayo or mashed avocado and tomato. You want the breakfast sandwiches to be easy and pretty clean, so keep the ingredients to a minimum and bake your eggs the night before with anything you want in them! It makes for super easy packing in the morning. Also: coffee. But I’m sure that’s a given.

Eric and I had an excellent sunrise picnic breakfast date! We perched on the lifeguard stand at Lake Nokomis and spent the morning talking a little, eating a lot, but mostly just taking in the beauty of the day. There were even some darling ducks to complete the idyllic scene!

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