Why The Instant Pot Will Save Your Marriage

Instant Pot on countertop | Photo by Stephani Bloomquist

I’m not a good cook. That’s an important fact. My mom thinks I’m a good cook, because she swears that anyone who can read can follow a recipe, and thus, can cook. I’m also the only one in my family who uses salt.

I can read. I know that every recipe should start with salt and pepper. And I have learned and forgotten what mirepoix is dozens of times, but I am not a good cook.

Stephani, as you have all learned, is a good cook. We also eat differently. While I enjoy her recipes, I have lost track of what she can and cannot eat (it involves lectins now, I think?), meaning few of our meals are made for two. Also, I still eat meat.

Because of how much I hate cooking, I try to be supportive of people who do cook. (As an aside, I did a bad job of this growing up—sorry mom, but maybe you should have used more salt?)

For example, I believe chefs are artists. Food can tell a story. It can paint a picture. Chefs create feeling as much as they give sustenance, and I believe in the depth and purity of creating a feeling out of thin air. I don’t always appreciate food as much as I should, but I push myself to. Especially because my wife is currently in the kitchen making something weird out of cauliflower, and I know it will turn into something delicious.

What does all this have to do with the Instant Pot? Why will the Instant Pot save your marriage?

Well, for starters, that headline is clickbait. It will not save your marriage, and if you’re looking to a home appliance to do that, I’m not sure why you got married in the first place.

It is, however, an invaluable tool—especially for non-chefs. Roasts and loins of all shapes and sizes take a fraction of the time as they do in the oven or a traditional slow-cooker. To emphasize the Instant Pot’s value, this used to be our typical week:

Sunday: Fight over a meal plan for the week
Sunday night: Give up on a meal plan for the week
Monday: Fight over dinner
Tuesday: Fight over dinner

I’d continue, but I think you get the picture.

Now that we have the Instant Pot, our week looks like this:

Sunday: Come up with an actual meal plan
Sunday night: Season meat of choice, place in Instant Pot, set timer, walk away, play video game when I should be writing, eat delicious meat.
Monday: Eat delicious meat + delicious vegan side
Tuesday: Eat delicious meat + delicious vegan side

Again, you get the picture.

The Instant Pot makes life easier. You may not create art the way a skilled chef can, but you’ll end up with satisfying meals that will last all week.

My Favorite Instant Pot Recipes

Pot roast
Pork tenderloin
Pulled pork (with a good rub)
Whole chicken
Beef stew

A few of my favorite side dishes, courtesy of Stephani:

Fall sweet potato salad
Polenta cakes
Sweet potato fries

I’ve invited my husband, Eric, to periodically share his thoughts on all things In Fine Fettle-related. As a food editor, I’m surrounded by food and cooking all day long, and I’m excited to have him share a different perspective.

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