Gluten-Free Restaurants in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Gluten-Free French Toast - Gluten-Free Restaurants Guide to Minneapolis and St. Paul

Raise your hand if choosing what or where to eat is a regular struggle with you and your loved ones. Me too. And it’s even worse for Eric and me because not only do we have completely opposite food preferences, but we also have to make sure whatever restaurant we go to can accommodate my dietary restrictions. Finding a restaurant that offers multiple options that are or can be tailored to someone who is gluten-free, meat-free and dairy-free can be exhausting.

But there’s hope! Ever since I went gluten free I’ve wanted to create a better resource for finding gluten-free restaurants in the Twin Cities. There are a few resources out there, but none with the information I want.

What I look for in a gluten-free restaurants guide is a real perspective into the experience of dining at that restaurant. I also want to know all the necessary info like if they offer gluten-free pizza crust and if it’s $8 extra! This guide is my answer to that.

Savory Gluten-Free Cornmeal Waffle - Gluten-Free Restaurants Guide to Minneapolis and St. Paul

The restaurants I list below aren’t necessarily gluten-free restaurants (though there are a few!), but they’ve graciously accommodated me as a gluten-free patron. As a vegetarian, I’ve also included if a restaurant offers decent vegetarian, dairy-free and/or vegan options. In my experience many restaurants aren’t great at touting their offerings to those with dietary restrictions. What many restaurants may not realize is that patrons with dietary restrictions are very loyal. When we find a restaurant that treats us well—even though we may inconvenience their kitchen—that’s a restaurant we’re going to return to again and again.

Finally, this is a guide for restaurants offering gluten-free options. Many do not have a separate work or cook space, so please dine at your own discretion and be sure to get more information from the restaurant if you have a severe sensitivity, wheat allergy or Celiac disease.

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Buster’s on 28th: This is one of my favorite places to get a gluten free/vegan burger. The staff is very accommodating, I just wish they would list their gluten free offerings online! I avoided this place forever thinking I couldn’t eat a thing on the menu. Gluten free buns available. 4204 28th Ave., Minneapolis, 612-729-0911

Pat’s Tap: Another favorite for a gluten-free/vegetarian burger. The wild rice burger is excellent and they can make the fish & chips gluten free (what?!). Fun vibe, great patio + skee ball. Gluten free bread available. 3510 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-822-8216

Red CowA good spot for burgers and drinks. I hope someday they’ll offer a few more options for patrons who are both vegetarian or vegan and gluten free because they do have a lot of good food for non-vegetarians. Gluten free buns available. Four locations, including 50th St. & Drew Ave. in Minneapolis, North Loop, Uptown and St. Paul

Sassy Spoon: What started as a food truck is now an entirely gluten-free restaurant in southeast Minneapolis. As a vegetarian, there’s not much I can order here—it’s a pretty meat-centric spot. I’ve had vegetarian flatbread pizza with yucca crust and pepita cheese and it was tasty and filling. 5011 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612) 886-1793

Streetz American Grill: The tasty Red Pepper Risotto Veggie Burger is gluten free and can be made vegan. I suggest the sweet potato fries! Gluten free buns available. 1200 W. 98th St. Bloomington, 952-888-1411

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Bagu Sushi: A nice neighborhood Thai and Japanese restaurant. Asian restaurants are great for gluten-free diners because so much of the menu is rice-based. Just make sure the restaurant can make any dishes containing soy sauce gluten free. The green curry with tofu is my favorite entree. 4741 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, 612-823-5254

Bep EateryBep offers four classic Vietnamese street foods in build-your-own style: pho, vermicelli bowls, spring rolls and bánh mì. While the bánh mì are off limits for gluten-free diners, the remaining three items should be good to go, just double check before you order. I’ve had the vermicelli bowls and spring rolls and both were delicious. Fifth Street Towers, 100 S. 5th St., Skyway Level, Minneapolis, 612-338-5189; LaSalle Plaza, 800 Lasalle Ave., Skyway Level, Minneapolis, 612-338-2000

Cook St. Paul: American diner-style food with a Korean twist. Many items can be made gluten free, but my favorite is the Bi Bim Bop with tofu, a super flavorful dish with crispy rice, pickled vegetables, and more. On Korean night you can even get gluten-free garlic fried chicken stir fry. 1124 Payne Ave., St. Paul, 651-756-1787

Ginger Hop: Lots of Thai-inspired cuisine with a few Vietnamese and Chinese dishes thrown in for good measure. There’s also soups, salads, and five types of burgers (no GF buns though) so there’s truly a dish for every diner’s tastes. Tons of gluten free and vegan items are clearly marked on the menu. 201 East Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612-746-0304

Sen Yai Sen LekWhen Eric and I lived in Northeast, this was our go-to Thai spot. In fact, it’s where I tried tofu for the first time. Spoiler: I LOVE tofu now. Most items can be made gluten free and/or vegetarian and you can browse your options online (as we do) before you go. 2422 Central Ave. NE, 612-781-3046

Supatra’s Thai CuisineThis is a hidden gem! I’m always shocked by how many people don’t know about it. Then again, most of the people I hang out with live in Minneapolis and we can be snobs about going to St. Paul. Without a doubt, this is our favorite Thai restaurant in the Twin Cities. Many of the items at Supatra’s can be made gluten free. Our favorite dish is the pineapple fried rice with tofu, and you can’t start your meal without the fresh spring rolls. 967 West 7th St., St. Paul, 651-222-5859

Vo’s Vietnamese: Vo’s offers many gluten-free items because most of the cuisine is rice-based. No separate GF menu. They have vegan pho with rice noodles that I can’t wait to go back and try. Lots of vegan dishes offer mock duck as an option, but please note it’s not gluten free. 3450 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-584-3630

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Comfort Food

J.Selby’s: This new vegan comfort food restaurant is absolutely killin’ it. They use no animal products and create amazing dishes that rival their non-vegan counterparts. In terms of gluten-sensitive options, J.Selby’s offers nachos, tacos, bowls and even buckwheat pancakes and scrambles at brunch. I hope someday they’ll have a gluten-free burger. Do not leave without a SoyClone. 169 N. Victoria St., St. Paul, 651-222-3263

Revival: Upscale comfort food like fried chicken that they can make gluten-free upon request. Just note it’s only for the gluten sensitive, not those with a severe allergy or Celiac disease. Very knowledgable and accommodating staff. Some of the most flavorful food I’ve ever had (and I’m a vegetarian)! 4257 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-345-4516; 525 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-340-2355

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Farm to Table + Health Conscious

Agra Culture Kitchen & Press: I wouldn’t say Agra Culture has a specific type of cuisine, but all of it fits under the umbrella of health and sustainability. Find offerings for many different diets (vegetarian, paleo, vegan, dairy free, gluten free), all of which are clearly labeled on the menu. Agra Culture also offers fresh, raw juice. Four locations, including 50th & France, Uptown, Highland Park and a smaller cafe at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

Birchwood Cafe: The menu at Birchwood changes with the seasons, but you can always expect flavorful, creative food. Gluten-free and vegan options are plentiful and this is a place that totally gets it. If gluten is all you have to worry about, I hear the savory waffle is stellar. Yes, you can order it gluten free! My dream would come true if they made a gluten-free and vegan savory waffle someday. This is one of the few places offering gluten-free and vegan desserts. I could drink their house-made peri peri sauce. I think it’s safe to say Birchwood is one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. 3311 E. 25th St., Minneapolis, 612-722-4474

The Copper HenGluten-free options can be made by request and are noted on the menu. There’s not much gluten free and vegetarian crossover, but the one time I dined here (brunch) it was very good. It’s a gorgeous space with a really cool vibe. 2515 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-872-2221

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe: French Meadow is another place that gets it, with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available. For brunch my go-to is always the cornmeal waffle, for dinner my favorite is the tempeh reuben, complete with firecracker slaw, sauerkraut, tomato-soy aioli and Herbivorous Butcher mozzarella. Gluten free bread and buns available for +$2. There’s a location in St. Paul with a slightly different menu. 2610 Lyndale Ave. S.,
Minneapolis, 612-870-7855; 1662 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-789-8870

The LowbrowThe Lowbrow is an excellent spot for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options that are clearly called out on the menu. This place gets super busy during weekend brunch, so expect a wait. Gluten-free buns available for +$1.50. 4244 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, 612-208-0720

Mill Valley Kitchen: Mill Valley Kitchen was ahead of its time. It’s one of the restaurants I ate at a lot when I first found out about my food sensitivities. The menu lists everything from nutritional information to whether each item is gluten free or vegan, so you don’t have to ask. 3906 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park, 952-358-2000

People’s Organic: People’s Organic has five locations in Minnesota, all with slightly varying menus. It was started by the founder of French Meadow Bakery, and like French Meadow, has plenty of tasty gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. Great coffee, too. GF bread +$1. Calhoun Square, Eden Prairie, Galleria, IDS Center, and Minnetonka

Seward Co-op Creamery: This restaurant is an extension of the Seward Co-op, which is right down the street. They come right out and say it at the top of the online menu: most dishes can be made without gluten upon request. Many items can be made vegan upon request as well. The prices may be a little bit higher than expected—especially sandwiches—because sides like fries and salad are extra. When you add another $1 for gluten free bread it feels like a sandwich might not be the best bang for your buck. But you won’t pay a tip here. My favorite dish is the chilaquiles. There’s also kombucha and Sweetland Orchard cider on tap. 2601 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, 612-230-5575

Sprout Salad Company This is the Chipotle of salad spots but with a ton more options. I love Sprout Salad Company and I’ve written about it before. All of their salads are creative and chef-driven, so you know they aren’t boring. Ensalada Mexicana is their best-selling salad by far, and for good reason—it’s delicious. The restaurant also offers hot bowls and tacos at the WAHU location near the U of M campus. RBC Plaza, 555 Nicollet Mall, Skyway Level, Minneapolis, 612-886-2723; Securian Center, 401 Robert St. N., Skyway Level, 651-348-2383

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Bar Brigade: A “tiny French-inspired tavern,” Bar Brigade is one of my favorite hidden gems in St. Paul. The chef is JD Fratzke (formerly of The Strip Club Meat & Fish) and he once told my husband he’d gladly serve a gluten-free vegan. When we dined here, I had the broccoli and lentil salad as well as the olives and almonds appetizer and was quite satisfied—the flavor is incredible in everything they cook. This spot would be even better for a non-vegetarian gluten-free diner … the staff knows the menu inside-out and can explain which items can be modified, if necessary. 470 Cleveland Ave. S., St. Paul

Spoon & Stable: Chef Gavin Kaysen has celiac disease, so you know this fine dining restaurant can handle it. Spoon & Stable offers socca crackers instead of a bread plate for gluten-free diners and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind regarding dietary restrictions. There are separate gluten-free and vegetarian menus. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities, says pretty much everyone. 211 N. First St., Minneapolis, 612-224-9850

The French Hen Cafe: This sweet St. Paul cafe consistently serves up delicious and beautiful food. Creative dishes include báhn mì benedict and Creole market hash, plus the standbys you’d expect like crêpes and French toast. The hash browns are egg-cellent (sorry). There’s also sandwiches, in case you stop by around lunchtime. Gluten-free bread +$1.50. Open till 2:30 p.m. 518 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-222-6201

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Gluten-Free Bakeries

BitterSweet Gluten Free Bakery: This 100% gluten-free bakery sells everything from gluten-free cupcakes, cakes and other pastries to breads, pies and take-and-bake pizzas. They offer many dairy-free options and list ingredients for every product on their website. You can stop in for a single serving, or place a large order in advance. This is where our gluten-free and dairy-free wedding cake came from and I still dream about how delicious it was! You can find BitterSweet Bakery’s gluten-free products all over the Twin Cities.

Sift Gluten Free: I feel like I’ve waited for so long for Sift to open a storefront and it just so happens to be in my neighborhood! This is another incredible 100% gluten-free bakery that offers many options that are also dairy-free, vegan, etc. You can find Sift baked goods at many local spots as well, including Peace Coffee, Quixotic Coffee and others. If there’s no line out the door, you may even be able to grab a seat to enjoy your gluten-free donuts, muffins, bars, cupcakes (you’ll need one of each!) and a cup of coffee. They’re experimenting with new products all the time and just added some breads to their menu. 4557 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, 612-503-5300

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Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Milkjam Creamery: The ice cream shop component to World Street Kitchen. This place is so good it’s even busy in the dead of winter. They offer tons of amazing dairy-free ice cream options. Gluten free, vegan, “contains nuts and “contains alcohol” are all called out on the menu. Milkjam has unique flavors and awesome names like Totally Tubular, a sweet parsnip and candied hazelnut vegan ice cream. 2743 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-424-4668

Pumphouse Creamery: You’ll find several non-dairy ice cream flavors at this tiny ice cream shop nestled in between Pizza Biga and Carver Junk Co.  It’s a bit hidden because the signage is small—I heard about this spot only after I struck up a conversation with a fellow dairy-free patron at Turtle Bread down the block. My favorite is non-dairy chocolate with local tart cherries on top. You can even get your pup a treat: the doggie ice cream is made of whole milk and peanut butter. 4754 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-825-2021

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D’amico & SonsD’amico’s seven local locations are a testament to the restaurant’s popularity. This family of Italian restaurants offers pizza, pasta, sandwiches, antipasti salads and most can be made gluten free (a rarity for Italian restaurants). Several vegetarian options are available and a few can be made vegan. Gluten-free pizza crust, pasta and bread +$2. Locations in Edina, downtown Minneapolis, Golden Valley, Roseville, St. Paul, U of M and Wayzata

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Mexican, South American + Spanish

Brasa Premium RotisserieBrasa is an excellent place to dine if you eat a paleo diet. Most items are gluten-free without modification. The menu is influenced by the cuisine of the Southern United States, Caribbean and Mexico. Though it’s meat-centric, there’s a separate vegetarian menu. The dishes are served family-style in small, medium and large sizes. 600 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612-379-3030; 777 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-224-1302

Hola Arepa: I love dining at Hola Arepa because it seems like magic. You may wait a while for a table, but you’ll have your arepa within about 5 minutes of ordering. Nearly everything on the menu is gluten-free, and anything that’s not is clearly marked. Hola used to be an arepa-slinging food truck that I literally went to once a week for an entire summer. Arepas are Venezuelan sandwiches made of cornmeal dough and filled with irresistible things like meats, veggies and mouthwatering sauces. Arepas come with yuca fries and you will be full when you leave. 3501 Nicollet Ave., 612-345-5583

La Loma: The best tamales around! The vegetarian tamales are also vegan. The sweet corn tamales are my favorite, but they contain sweetened condensed milk. There are other Mexican dishes available, but I only ever go for the tamales. You can purchase La Loma tamales at many local grocery stores and co-ops. They also do cateringMidtown Global Market, 920 E. Lake St. Minneapolis; Mercado Central, 1515 E. Lake St., Minneapolis; downtown Minneapolis, 608 2nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-354-2379

Sonora Grill: This restaurant, featuring South American and Spanish cuisine, started as a stall at Midtown Global Market, then expanded to a standalone restaurant less than two miles down Lake Street. I always order the vegan roasted mushroom caramelos, which are tacos filled with roasted mushrooms, avocado mousse, poblano, onion, and pickled carrots. Your meal will start with chips and salsa and you should definitely order a margarita. 3300 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, 612-722-2500

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Foxy Falafel: Foxy Falafel was one of only a few food trucks I could eat at when I first became gluten-free and vegetarian. It’s another one of those successful food trucks that branched out into a standalone restaurant. All you really need to know is that it’s some of the best falafel you’ll ever have. Platters, salads and rice bowls (everything but sandwiches) are gluten free and the falafel are all gluten free and vegan friendly. You must try the green tahini and harissa sauces and the house-made pickles are divine. I always go for the stoplight platter, because you can’t go wrong with three flavors of falafel! 791 Raymond Ave., St. Paul, 651-888-2255

Naf Naf: This directly contradicts my love of local falafel spot, Foxy Falafel, but I can’t get over the hummus falafel bowl at this fast-casual chain. Naf Naf serves Mediterranean food in build-your-own style (so pita sandwiches, bowls and salads) and there’s lots of gluten-free and vegan options. Dairy is virtually non-existent here, except for, appropriately, in the baklava. Gluten is present only in the couscous, pita bread and baklava. The online allergen list is very helpful. Seven locations in Minnesota and growing rapidly.

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Gluten-Free Pizza

Burch: Burch is tough to slot into one category because it’s a steakhouse with brick-oven pizza as a main component of its menu. The gluten-free pizza crust is cracker thin and absolutely amazing. I love it. And even more, I love that they don’t charge more for it! Note: this pizza is not Celiac friendly. There’s a separate menu that calls out if each recipe can be made gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian (just ask for it) and the staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable. This is probably my favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities. 1933 Colfax Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-843-1500

Delicata: This is a newer pizza spot in St. Paul and it offers gluten-free pizza crust for +$2. The nuts and olives starter and the arugula salad are wonderful. Lots of vegetarian options here. There’s rosé on tap (woot!) and brunch! 1341 Pascal St., St. Paul, 651-756-8123

Galactic PizzaA super hero-themed pizzeria. This pizza is not my favorite in the Twin Cities, but it does the job and they offer both gluten-free crust and vegan cheese, so they win a prize just for that. Lots of vegan meat substitutes, but most contain gluten. Gluten-free pizza crust +$5. 2917 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-824-9100

Hello Pizza: This is one of three places from the pizza queen herself, Ann Kim. It’s a small neighborhood, counter-service joint where you can order a slice or a whole pie, salads and ice cream. All pizzas except one can be made gluten-free. 12” gluten-free pizza crust is +$4. Note: The gluten-free pizza crust contains egg whites, so it is not suitable for vegans. 3904 Sunnyside Rd., Edina, 952-303-4514

Parkway Pizza: Our go-to neighborhood pizzeria. Not only does Parkway Pizza offer gluten-free pizza crust, but they also offer incredible dairy-free “cheese,” and a new vegan menu. Please note the vegan meats they offer are from Herbivorous Butcher, which means they all contain gluten. Locations in Longfellow, Northeast and St. Louis Park

Pizza Luce: Another favorite local pizza place with seven locations in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth. What’s awesome about Pizza Luce is that they have a ton of gluten-free options, two vegan cheese options (one house-made as well as Daiya) and they’ve been doing it for forever. They have a separate kitchen space and tools for making gluten-free items and their staff is all very knowledgeable about allergen safety. They also offer gluten-free and vegan dessert options, which is rare! Pizza Luce is also an awesome brunch spot. Favorite brunch entree: Wild Mushroom Benedict on a gluten-free English muffin with vegan hollandaise. Locations in downtown Minneapolis, Duluth, Hopkins, Richfield, Roseville, Seward, St. Paul and Uptown

Pizzeria Lola: So many tasty sounding pizzas, so little time. I suggest trying The Forager, The Xerxes or the classic Margherita on gluten-free pizza crust for +$4. Note: The gluten-free pizza crust contains egg whites, so it is not suitable for vegans. 5557 Xerxes Ave. S,. Minneapolis, 612-424-8334

Punch Pizza: It took Punch a while, but they finally came out with a gluten-free pizza crust for their irresistible Neapolitan-style pizzas. Gluten-free crust +$3.25. 11 metro locations, including Eagan, Eden Prairie, Grand Avenue, Highland Park, Lake Calhoun, Maple Grove, Northeast Minneapolis, Stadium Village, Vadnais Heights, Wayzata, Woodbury

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Additional Gluten-Free Restaurants

I’ve been told these restaurants also offer gluten-free options, but I haven’t had a chance to dine at them yet.

  • Rabbit Hole: Another restaurant where the chef has a wheat allergy. This Korean spot in Midtown Global Market offers everything from bibimbop to tacos to sandwiches and everything in between. Mpls.St.Paul Magazine says Rabbit Hole is almost entirely gluten free.
  • Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza: Offers gluten free pizza crust for +$4.
  • Bull’s Horn: My husband is obsessed with this new restaurant by Doug Flicker (Sandcastle, formerly Piccolo). Gluten-free buns and bread available for an additional charge.
  • Hai Hai: This Southeast Asian restaurant is run by the owners of Hola Arepa, one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. Most menu items are gluten-free and can be made Celiac friendly upon request. Lots of vegan items as well.
  • Young Joni: Chef/owner Ann Kim also runs Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza, both which have gluten-free offerings. I look forward to trying this restaurant very soon! I have been to the back bar and it has a super cool vibe.

Gluten Free Dining When You Don’t Have an Allergy or Sensitivity

We all know about the backlash against gluten-free diners because of the recent trend around gluten-free diets. If gluten does not affect you but you choose to eat a gluten-free diet for other reasons, please be up front about that when dining out. It will make it much easier on the kitchen and will be less likely to negatively effect future gluten-free customers.

Note: This gluten-free restaurants guide is not meant to be a comprehensive list. I only describe the experiences I’ve had to let you know what gluten-free options are available in our area. If you have a favorite restaurant not listed here, please send me a note at stephani [at] to tell me about it!

Interested in gluten-free recipes? Everything on my site is gluten free, so take a look at my recipes and get cooking!

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