Product Highlight: WB Kitchen Ona Cookies + Bars

Cashew milk and WB Kitchen Ona cookies

Over the last few years of living with food allergies, I’ve found that it’s incredibly difficult to find products and restaurants that understand dietary restrictions, and it’s even rarer to find products that are safe and nutritious, let alone tasty. Because of these difficulties, I thought I’d start a series and share about the wonderful products I’ve discovered. Up first: WB Kitchen Ona cookies and bars!

I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. (It’s really bad, actually.) So when my husband and I happened upon Green Streets Boulder last month and discovered WB Kitchen, I felt like I had finally found the healthy alternative to sweets I had always been searching for!

Contrary to what you see in the picture, you won’t need to eat seven cookies in one sitting. In fact, you may feel so satisfied that you won’t even need to eat a whole pack (two cookies) at once because they are so decadent! In the best way, of course.

These cookies are made of whole, organic ingredients and sweetened with raw unfiltered honey. Forget 100-calorie packs that only leave you wanting more. All of the Ona cookie flavors have 110 calories or less and will leave you completely satisfied, and even better, you won’t feel guilty for eating these treats. My favorite way to eat them up is by dipping them in some homemade cashew milk!

The other wonderful thing about these cookies (and the Ona bars, as well) is they’re made with beneficial ingredients: coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, raw honey—these are all  high-quality and nutrient-dense.

WB Kitchen is great because the team is truly dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. You can find awesome recipes using Ona products on the brand’s Instagram (healthy peanut butter pumpkin bites, anyone?!) and even more recipes on the WB Kitchen blog. I hope to make the Coconut Milk Biscuits or the Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Scones very soon!

Are there gluten-free and vegan-friendly products that you love? Please share them in the comments!

Disclaimer: WB Kitchen sent me product to review and share at my discretion. Opinions are all my own and I promise to only share products that I absolutely love.

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