Easy Homemade Vegetable Soup + 9 Soups to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Soup season is my jam! Nearly every week I make a big batch of soup or chili and Eric and I eat it for lunch all week. It’s simple, comforting and soooo delicious! Plus, during cold and flu season, I like to think a little hot broth and a dash of turmeric helps to boost my immune system!

One of my go-tos is a basic homemade vegetable soup, like the chicken noodle soup you might eat when you’re sick. It’s a perfect way to use up any vegetables or beans that might go bad soon and it’s hearty and healthy. Once I make this basic recipe, I add to it based on what I have around.

Extra lentils? Toss ’em in! Water from pasta made the night before? You bet I save that and add it to the pot! It makes for a new flavor every time, which keeps this soup exciting.

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Broccoli, White Bean, and Spinach Salad

Broccoli, White Bean, and Spinach Salad | In Fine Fettle
Photo and Styling by Sydney Berry

This is one of those recipes that happened on accident. I really wanted romaine lettuce, but when I found only broccoli and combined it with white beans I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Then I tossed it in a simple, homemade vinaigrette and topped it with spinach and pickled peppers. It’s a perfect alternative to a pasta salad in the summer for those of us who can’t tolerate gluten, plus the beans provide a creamy texture, much like a soft cheese.

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